Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Poem Inspired by Kipling

If you can keep confident when everyone around you
Is criticizing and analyzing all the hard work you’ve done,
If you can be strong when times get tough,
But gentle in times that it’s needed,
If you can be loyal when temptation around you,
Is coming from the one you love most
And attacking from every other direction around you,

If you can maintain patience when people are lost,
Or diligently wicked,
Or unthankful in any kind of way,
If you can cut the pathetic apathetic ways,
That has caused you to be distant from the one who loves you,
If you have the courage to stand up for something pure and just,
When all people reject it,

If you can be generous when people that see you,
Mock you and are unthankful,
If you are willing to stop and just listen to anyone at anytime,
If you can seek true humility,
If you can realize the wretched sins that you have done,
When you owe God your life,

If you are forgiving towards the wicked thing a person has done to you,
If you can truly love others – and look pass their flaws and imperfections,
If you are willing to lose it all to be a servant – a SLAVE,
If you are able to let your life go and give it to the one person who deserves,
If you are able to do this and ten times more,
You will be a true leader.

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